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Aaron and Christina Showalter, the husband and wife owners of Multzi, have a deep love for people, design and beauty.  Multzi started out as a company that designed & made items for the home but has developed into a company that provides skilled, bespoke design services in the fields of architecture,  industrial, mechanical & civil design.  Aaron handles all the architecture, industrial, mechanical & civil design jobs.

Multzi Design exists to facilitate communication through technology to make production efficient.  

About Aaron

Aaron was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley and has 15+ years of experience with civil, mechanical, and industrial design.  He has a background in construction which brings a practical, real world level of expertise to his designs.    

About Christina

Christina is the administrative assistant who takes care of the website and other administrative tasks. 

 “We value beauty in the simple things of life and aim to infuse the work of our hands with that beauty. Our hope is that your life and work will be enriched by working alongside Multzi.”  -Aaron and Christina



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